Advocates. Attorneys. ACTIVISTS.

Why is ‘activist’ a part of Lotas Legal?  First, why not? Shouldn’t we all be activists who seek to correct injustice when we see it? At Lotas Legal, we believe yes. If you see something, say something. Do something. That said, when you directly experience

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Four Benefits of Restorative Justice

If you’ve ever interacted with either the civil or criminal justice system, you likely walked away from the experience thinking it was nothing like you expected. For women, men and non-binary folx who have been harmed, seeking recourse and ‘to be made whole’ by compensation

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The Lotas Legal Difference

Imagine a new way to work with a lawyer. You’re struggling with a complex employment issue – your boss has been saying inappropriate things to you and your colleague and you are unsure of how to make it stop so you can do the work

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Our professionals work hard to distill complex legal insights for you. Like a ‘pick me up’ latte on a sunny Friday morning, we deliver legal insights and uplifting content that is meaningful and delightful.

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