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After more than a decade in the legal industry and big law firms, attorney and activist Bree Johnson saw an opportunity to do more for women and men facing employment and small business challenges in Minnesota. With a unique, client-centered vision in mind, she launched Lotas Legal.

Bree Johnson is an employment law attorney with more than 10 years of experience in the legal field. Passionate about helping employees struggling through mistreatment and marginalization, as well as navigating cause-based organizations through set-up and operations challenges, she started a firm dedicated to advocacy. 

Why work with Bree & Lotas Legal?

Bree knows how much improvement is needed in the workplace to better support the employees who work so hard on their behalf. And she recognizes there is so much work to do in the areas of social justice, race justice, equity and gender justice. Bree understands the importance of a strong, holistic advocate and attorney during times of uncertainty and this recognition is the foundation of Lotas Legal.

“The people of the world need more people like you.” –Anonymous Employee Rights Client

Bree understands that each client is different with a unique story. She takes her time to create custom-tailored legal solutions to fit each client’s individual needs and goals.

Passionate About Making Systemic Changes Throughout Minnesota & The Nation

The driving force behind Bree’s work is her mission to make systemic changes throughout her home state of Minnesota. She believes she can make a positive change for all Minnesotans, one individual at a time.

To take her advocacy further, Bree currently serves on the executive boards of MN National Organization for Women (NOW) as well as the WoMN ACT, formerly known as the Minnesota Women’s Consortium. In her spare time, Bree enjoys taking part in womxn’s rights activism, volunteering, reading and running. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys.

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